Thursday, May 21, 2009

You say Tomatoe, I say Tomato

Here we are, Thursday before Memorial day weekend! What a spring!! Will summer be just as busy? Will you be doing your marketing and your systems the same way as the last 3-4 months, or are you going to change up a few things.

Today's Columbus Dispatch

this is a GREAT article about how affordable OHIO housing really is. Jerry White of Coldwell Banker King Thompson has been quoted in the article. I have to believe that NEWARK is very affordable.

Coldwell Banker King Thompson is going GREEN! Most of our Tomato plants are gone.

250 plants WOW!! How many Tomatoes is that???

We will will never know the exact count. What we do know is our best clients will be thinking us every time they walk in their garden. Watch for more crazy ideas as we go through the year. You all know I love crazy!!

This weekend I hope all of us take sometime to reflect and pause about what this weekend really means. My Grandmother always calls it "decoration day". It always makes me think for a second when she first says it. I am used to saying "Memorial Day". I know as I am writing this she has the flowers ready to "decorate" the grave sites of our family. Do you decorate? Just curious.

Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

WHAT KIND of a MESS are WE IN??????

I was looking through MSN and noticed this article. From the picture you would naturally think this may be from one of the tornadoes that hit the Midwest the last couple of days! No!! This is a scene from California. A development in California. A Texas bank that had the loans on the property, (Guaranty Bank of Austin) decided to tear down the partially completed homes instead of either finishing the homes, OR, auction them off or something besides tearing them down! I have attached the video below. Check it out.
Tell me, How did we get to this???

The contest is done! The winners were announced!! BLUE TEAM Congratulations!! 1371 Points from both teams!! WOW !!! Many prizes, and a car wash is coming. All of you are very special and a great team of REALTORS!! All of you worked very hard. I am not sure what to do next. It will be a while before we try again.

Katie Richards, a long time agent has joined us at Coldwell Banker King Thompson. We are glad to see her walk in the door. I know all of you will make her feel welcome.
This week we have the FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS C.E class on Wednesday. Get registered as soon as possible.

Thanks Again!