Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2008

Morning Everyone,

This week our new agents are doing their "Fast Start Training". So you will see them in and out office all week. All of them are going to Mondays class, and then the schedule changes from there, depending on experience.

Check out yesterdays Advocate for the new AD we have. Looks great!! Thanks to everyone involved.

This week

Tuesday 9:00 "Timbit Tuesdays" (sales meeting) We will have a special guest attending.
Wednesday 1:00 C-Bolt training,
Friday The last day of the month filled with closings!!!! :)

Next Tuesday Mar 3 "Timbit Tuesdays" I have invited Joe King out for our meeting. I will have the location and more details later this week.

Tuesday Mar 10 Awards Meeting
I still need ideas for a skit, song, etc. or were doing the bowling ball thing!! lol
(is that a threat) :) I am sure with all the marketing ideas you come up with.
I know one of you will have a better idea than mine!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The weekend is here. I Hope all of you got a little breather this week to get pumped up for the weekend. For myself and the staff, this week never stopped.
Managers meeting Wednesday morning C.E. that afternoon.
Thanks to everyone, our office right now is tied for 1st place in recruiting.
Karen, Ashley and myself want to welcome all the new agents!!

C.E, classes were everyday this week but Monday. Many of the agents attended the Short Sale Class on Wednesday afternoon. Another group from the office went today. I know all of you got something out of the class. Alec Haggarty does a fine job putting on any class.
Thursday's classes talked about Legal Issues with New Builds and the afternoon class was Reducing your Property Taxes. All the classes had 3 hours of free C.E. We ALL like that!!

Our new Ad comes out Sat Feb 21, 2009 Check it out. I think Karen and the Advocate did a great job. Coldwell Banker King Thompson has started the new Ad campaign. Watch for it on Tv and listen for them on the radio.
AND>>>>> The new banner will go the top of our Ads. yeah!!!

To the agents and staff at this office, I say thank you for letting me be a part of your day and hopefully a part of your success.

See you soon w/ a briefcase full of contracts!! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday Friday

We had an employee have a birthday on Friday. Everything was going well until one of our agents tried to talk another, into eating the birthday girls, "Birthday Cupcake".

It happened, this agent took a bite out of the cupcake when the person was at lunch.

We have it on camera and I cannot figure out who the culprit is. If you know who this is please turn him into the authorities. They are looking for him. :)

Hope your open houses are going well and see you on Monday, Hopefully with contracts in hand!! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sales Meeting

221 showings of our Listings for the month January! WOW!! thats a bunch
January Website hits 98,214 average time 13.4 minutes.

Some dates to remember
Feb 18 and Feb 20 two Short sale Classes from CBKT contact the office to sign up.
Feb 21 Realtor night at the Bluejackets. Tickets are available thru the Bluejackets webite
Agents from CBR and LCBR are welcome to come. As well as clients, family, etc
Mar. 10 Awards Meeting 8:30- 11:30 We have many award winners in this office. :)
We need a good skit or ??? for the the meeting. Let the office know of any ideas.
Mar 27,28,29 BIA Home Show Sign up at the front desk if you want to be a part. More details to come

One last thing, This weekend is Valentines Day, all you guys out there, don't forget those words of wisdom from our own Mark Evans ,

" There's No line at Jared's"

February Week 1 and 2

Shannon Cook showed up right on time Monday morning to sign all her paper work to become a
successful realtor with CBKT. She has great questions and very detailed, I know she will do just fine in this business. Shannon, thanks for coming!!
Passport To Success. We had 13 agents and 2 guests attend this great training session.
Directed by our own Sean Carpenter and Jim Stephenson. The program was a huge
success. Donna Alexander-Murphy transferred her license right after the program. A "20 millions dollar club" producer. We are lucky to have her as part of our TEAM!!

Another good agent friend of mine, (Tim Cocanour) also a guest at Passport talked more and more about transferring over to our office. Tim has a brokers license and is another Million Dollar Club producer. Tim signed up this week to be a part of our TEAM!!

Please, everyone say HI and I know you will make these agents feel very welcome.

This office has a wealth of experience with the length of time many of our agents have been in the business and with the new ones that just signed up. The knowledge and professionalism just gets better and better.

From the phones and the activity we see in the office. 2009 could very well surprise us all.
It has so far!! Keep it UP gang!!