Saturday, January 3, 2015

What was up for 2014

 2014 Newark Office,
NUMBER 8 in the Nation for Coldwell Banker medium size offices..
Realtor of  the Year for Licking County Board of Realtors
President Licking County Board

What awards and accolades will the office get this year?
The new agents that joined the office are Second in production for central Ohio.
We have already surpassed closings for 2103...the list can go on.

The above is all for last year, 2014.  What will We do, You do, in the new year, 2015?
What goals or accomplishments will you do in 2015? 
More personal contact with your sphere?
Plan your day, week, month or the whole year?

Sales of any item is not really that hard. These points will work for anything you wish to sell.
1. Treat everyone like a Customer.
2. Call people back in a timely matter
3. Do what you say you will do and nothing less.

Remember a Buyer or Seller's motivation changes Everyday.

Wishing all of you a very Productive, Satisfying 2015

Monday, January 6, 2014

Icy Hot..

With wind chills of 25 BELOW zero, the phone still rings for a customer either wanting to BUY or SELL a home.

The market forcasts for 2014 are all looking good.
 KCM (  is reporting
First Time Buyers..4.48million NEW households in the next 3 years. The Millenials will be moving out of Mom and Dads house..
Move Up Buyers ..Zillow is repoting that home equity has increased by 1.9 Trillion dollars in 2013.
this is an increase of 7.9% in the last 12 months. With pent up demand, move up properties will be in high demand.
Immigrant Buyers..with immigration reform, if this does get passed, these new buyers coming into the housing market would increase demand for housing and increase residential construction by $68 billion every year for the next 20 years.
There it's ICY outside on this January afternoon, but things are just starting to HEAT UP.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lucky 13..???

Lucky 13....
Could you say "Lucky 12"??
When your pages were blank a year ago,  did you have any ideas what your book was going to read??

Right now.. 1-2-2013, we have just filled the first 2 pages of our book.

My book for 2012 was one of sheer joy and great heartache. 

The joy of seeing our agents succeeding beyond their expectations..
The joy of having new and experienced Real Estate agents join CBKT and be a part of our culture.  The joys of competing in the market place with talented and Ethical agents.. The joy they bring me everyday with the opportunity to help them and coach them.

Joys of helping Big Brother/Big Sister, United Way, the YES Club, our local Licking County Food Pantry with may donations from our office
The joy from helping our local Licking County Board of Realtors. Professionally my pages were very satisfying and fulfilling.

Personally.. the joys of everyday life are really worth getting out of bed for me.  My biggest joy is always Debe.. when we are together.. my book is complete.
The great joy of playing my music with 2 different bands. There is a magic that happens on stage when all the pieces come together.
The joy of buying and downsizing to a condo for the later years of our lives.

The sad chapters??? Not many.. June was especially tough as we had to put our dog ( Bucky) to sleep. That is something No One should have to go through, but for every pet lover, that day will come. 
We then decided to get another dog through a rescue. (Bo). With many known and some unknown issues with him, 2 months after we brought him home..Debe and I had to give him back to the owner. It feels as if we lost 2 pets.
2013.. may have a chapter for a new dog at our household??

The pages will be written, the chapters will be filled.
365 pages.....12 chapters..  we are now on page 2..

I hope your "book" turns out just the way you had it planned.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Won the LOTTERY...the DOG lottery

Happy Hour with my Boy..
Many friends say that Bucky won the LOTTERY, when he found us.. Debe (my wife) and I say, WE won the lottery when we rescued him from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue..

We had raised a wonderful liver and white Springer Spaniel  named BUCK. As all dogs do.. he was getting older and with failing health.. we eventually had to say Goodbye..

 I remember saying  "I will never go thru the anguish and hurt of putting another dog to sleep".
 That was it.. we are not getting another dog.. Years pass and now our Cat is getting old.. failing health.. You know the drilll. same ending.. same emotions!! :( Tried a rescue facility for another Cat.  Health problems from the beginning.. Medvet.. and now.. here we are again.  another life or death decision..I am thinking NEVER AGAIN for ANY kind of animal.  Debe thinks maybe we should try a DOG again....I am not so sure.
With an empty house to come home to..I walk in and on the kitchen table is a print out..A print out of a DOG!!!  This DOG had the same markings on his face as our Old Springer...(only difference.. Black and White)   This dogs Name was BUCKY!!!   oh no.. and the contact number was central Ohio..oh no again!!

Staring back at me was a picture of our new Bucky..I was not too sure at the time, till Debe says look at all the similarities... the Face, the Name and the location...Its a gift from GOD!! 

We bring him home..and our first visit to our Vet..."Nice dog but WHY did you get this one??" The medical sheet on Bucky was a mile long.. Our vet knew we would be visitng Many times.. Not sure, but I think he went out and bought a new truck the next day!! haha 
Ear infections monthly, skin issues always, you name it..we were at the Vet monthly. For the last 7 years, Bucky was with us always. We met more dog loving people having him by our side, more small kids wanting to pet him....To all of you, I want to say Thank You.. You made our day and Bucky's as well.

It has been a week now since he left our home. You never quite get over putting a dog to sleep.. having to make that decision..What you do, is remember the Wonderful times we had.  With BUCKY... those times were MANY.. Yes  WE WON the LOTTERY!!! the DOG RESCUE LOTTERY

Friday, February 24, 2012

FRAMPTON'S in the HOUSE!!!!!

    The excitement was building with every step. Getting close to the great Midland Theater in Newark Ohio. Where's our seats? Whats the stage set up? What's the drum set look like? Will Peter be as good as he was 36 years ago??
A guy was talking about buying CD's after the show.. Big deal.. Everyone sells CD's after a show. Not like this though.. We were recording the whole show...the whole 3 HOUR show and everyone tonight is going to be a part of it.. Oh yea!! This is gonna be fun!!

Peter and his band started the night off right with  "Something's Happening"..  from Frampton Comes Alive. Rumors and web messages said that we will hear the whole Comes Alive album. The night has started.
 I get a text.. "Is the show really 3 hours long??   Yes it is, I replied with a big smile on my face..

Going into the funky groove "Doobie Wah"  Long time friend and Bass player Stanley Sheldon with drummer Dan Wojciechowski traded chops, laying a solid foundation for the star of the night.
Peter then brings down the tone with some smooth riffs on his Les Paul.
He then pulls out his best friend  (missing for 31 years from a plane crash in Venezuela) his beautiful 54 Gibson Les Paul..(guitars age like a fine wine)   Peter eases into "Lines on My Face"

Frampton then played songs from his storied past and we loved the songs from his 2007 Grammy award winning "Fingerprints".  Even some Humble Pie for the early fans!! Loved this..

This was the theme for the night. Playing with his crowd and teasing his fans.
His voice was as good as ever, and his fingers were flying over the fretboard.
Rob Arthur (Keyboards Vocals), Adam Lester (Guitar, Vocals) held their own. They knew when to let loose and when to hold back and let Peter loose.

First seeing Frampton with Humble Pie, in the early 70's and then 1976 with "Frampton Comes Alive', I admired his guitar playing, but I never put him in my "Top Ten" list. After last night Peter has moved up to number 5 or 6.  The licks and the sounds coming out that Les Paul were heavenly..
Shows done...don't forget the CD's. Yes. many of us were waiting.  What a night, what a show.

Peter mentioned early on he loved the theater and Newark was a "sleeper" town for him.
He was IN the HOUSE Tuesday night, and says he will be "IN the HOUSE" again.
Yes I'll be there and I know you will be too.

Jeffrey is the manager of the local Coldwell Banker King Thompson office. He has been playing drums professionally for 45 plus years. Currently a member of Columbus band "Old School" and locally with " The Mill Dam Jam Band"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Starts with A BANG!!

The first month of 2012 is done. 10:19pm.. The market is hot, the office is hot!! My very good friend Scott Walters joined our office. Jenny Cannon from the same office..another good agent and person joined as well.
The newer agents are getting the hang of this business. They are coming on stronger each day.
This is a great bunch of HARD WORKING agents.

For me???  This month has flown by. Very fortunate to being playing my drums with some very talented musicians. I played out twice this month, once with "OLD SCHOOL" the other with "THE MILL DAM JAM BAND"  sad to say the night at the PUB was the last. The PUB has gone into foreclosure and now up for Sherrifs auction.  After playing there for over a year, you start to look forward to seeing the regulars,the musicians who came to JAM, the bartenders, the manager.  These are people through out life travels that come in and then they are gone. Some time at a later date.. you wonder what ever happened to that guitar player, bartender.. customer...?? Will you ever see them again??
Hopefully our paths will meet one more time.

This is much the way of life of BANDS. You make magic on the Stage..have a few beers., then come back and do it again.. You hope you play again and again and again..but that rarely works out.
Life gets in the way?
We all have met some great people in our travels. I just hope we all can  meet again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love?? What is Labor Day, 2011

Labor Day would be Happier with Less Unemployment. -
My wife and I feel blessed every day we have a job to go to, but we also know that the job could end any day. We both work in the Housing industry, her in the construction side, myself in the Real Estate selling side.
With many people out of work...Unemployment checks coming to an end.. many with no health insurance.. What does, Labor Day mean to these folks?  Is it a day to rejoice with cookouts, family gatherings??. To some I am sure it is one more day that Corporate America will not get back with them on their job search.
Hopefully by this time next year.. we will have some normalcy in the work force. 
Below is a great article by Michael Shearer
Editor of the "The Advocate" about Labor Day... 2011