Friday, February 24, 2012

FRAMPTON'S in the HOUSE!!!!!

    The excitement was building with every step. Getting close to the great Midland Theater in Newark Ohio. Where's our seats? Whats the stage set up? What's the drum set look like? Will Peter be as good as he was 36 years ago??
A guy was talking about buying CD's after the show.. Big deal.. Everyone sells CD's after a show. Not like this though.. We were recording the whole show...the whole 3 HOUR show and everyone tonight is going to be a part of it.. Oh yea!! This is gonna be fun!!

Peter and his band started the night off right with  "Something's Happening"..  from Frampton Comes Alive. Rumors and web messages said that we will hear the whole Comes Alive album. The night has started.
 I get a text.. "Is the show really 3 hours long??   Yes it is, I replied with a big smile on my face..

Going into the funky groove "Doobie Wah"  Long time friend and Bass player Stanley Sheldon with drummer Dan Wojciechowski traded chops, laying a solid foundation for the star of the night.
Peter then brings down the tone with some smooth riffs on his Les Paul.
He then pulls out his best friend  (missing for 31 years from a plane crash in Venezuela) his beautiful 54 Gibson Les Paul..(guitars age like a fine wine)   Peter eases into "Lines on My Face"

Frampton then played songs from his storied past and we loved the songs from his 2007 Grammy award winning "Fingerprints".  Even some Humble Pie for the early fans!! Loved this..

This was the theme for the night. Playing with his crowd and teasing his fans.
His voice was as good as ever, and his fingers were flying over the fretboard.
Rob Arthur (Keyboards Vocals), Adam Lester (Guitar, Vocals) held their own. They knew when to let loose and when to hold back and let Peter loose.

First seeing Frampton with Humble Pie, in the early 70's and then 1976 with "Frampton Comes Alive', I admired his guitar playing, but I never put him in my "Top Ten" list. After last night Peter has moved up to number 5 or 6.  The licks and the sounds coming out that Les Paul were heavenly..
Shows done...don't forget the CD's. Yes. many of us were waiting.  What a night, what a show.

Peter mentioned early on he loved the theater and Newark was a "sleeper" town for him.
He was IN the HOUSE Tuesday night, and says he will be "IN the HOUSE" again.
Yes I'll be there and I know you will be too.

Jeffrey is the manager of the local Coldwell Banker King Thompson office. He has been playing drums professionally for 45 plus years. Currently a member of Columbus band "Old School" and locally with " The Mill Dam Jam Band"

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