Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Home & Garden Show

The weekend is over, our display is put away for another time and place. We had 15 agents participate at the booth and lots of slips turned in for the "RCI Giveaway".
ALL the people associated with The BIA Home and Garden Show did a great job. I was happy they chose the Bryn Du Mansion for the location. It was a great spot!!
Debbie and Kim gave us a wonderful location for our display as well!!

I had some nice comments on our booth from some of the other exhibitors. I hope you were happy! I need to say Thank you to Christine and Larry for setting it up, and to Joanne for helping take it all down.

I had the chance to meet and greet many old friends and I made some new ones as well. How did you fare this weekend? Did you get some good prospects for your contact base? Did you meet the other exhibitors? Will they remember who you are? These kind of shows are not all about having a patron sign up for a drawing.
Did anyone try and recruit some of the other agents that you might have seen?? Maybe the ones working the LCBR booth? How about the builders that were present, did anyone approach them?? Always remember, "Everyone is a client". I hope to hear some good stories the upcoming week.

Our Blue Team/White Team contest is getting closer to the end and we have a battle going on between the 2 teams. Keep those points a comin'!!
I also have received a NEW contest from Corporate that starts Monday on listings, I will have more information on Tuesday.

Monday Mar 30 we have Script Training at 2:30 and 3:00 is New Agent Training. (this is for any agent started within the past 3 months) We will be discussing your Website Profile.
Many of you need to be there for this training.
Next Monday April 6 Sean Carpenter will be out to Newark to have training on "Electronic Listing Presentations". The New Albany office will come to attend as well. Should be fun!!

Timbit Tuesday is 9:00 and we have a few surprises for you!! :)))
See you all there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

While the boss is away...

Everyone will play!
Click here to watch the office teams bowl in the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake Event!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards 2009

Friday Morning, What a week. Numerous award winners, Announcement of CBKT mergers, this CRAZY contest, and last night the CBR Talent Show.

This past Tuesday Mar 10 many of us attended the award ceremony at COSI. I knew we had winners in our office, but I think we took them all by suprise.
Because of everyone of our agents, the Newark/Granville CBKT office was
NUMBER 4 in the Nation for closed sides with offices with 1-35 agents. Folks that right there is something that all of you can be very proud of.
We also won 2 very prestigous awards

The first award; The Community Service Award given to Herman England

The second: The Jerry White Award given to Patrick Guanciale

There were MANY more winners and I will post all those at a later date so don't think I forgot!! :)

Our "balloon" display was OK but not quite what I had in mind because of the drafts in the building. Sometimes our balloons were laying on our table!! Oh well, at least they know who we are and just think, you didn't have to dress up as Bowling Pins!!!! (I'll try that one again for another function)

Here is our display at the Awards meeting. The first one to tell Karen who the masked man is behind the placards gets 1 point for their team.
The Contest you ask?? Well earlier this week the " Blue Team" was way ahead. Then all of a sudden one of the Big Horses for the "White Team" got out of the gate and he is running like a
Kentucky Derby Winner!! WOW it is getting close.
Good luck to all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kickin It 2009

Today was a big day for CBKT Newark/Granville

We had our Kick Off Breakfast this morning at The Warner Library. What a wonderful venue to have a gathering. Everyone I dealt with, at the library was very accomodating. All the atttendees at the meeting thought the same thing. Our own JOE KING was also a part of the event and had a great time and I was glad he was here.

We announced our "Competition" today to all the agents. The Team Captains have been chosen and the teams were decided on by Karen and Myself.

We have the "BLUE TEAM" and the "WHITE TEAM". (What'd you expect, Fuscia and Sea Foam???)

Team Captains are as follows
BLUE Team>>>>>>> Mary Kay and Lisa
WHITE Team>>>>>>Linda and Jim

The contest actually started on Mar 1 and will run thru April 30.
Activity will bring you Business, so this contest will give you points for a multitude of Real Estate involved activities. The points schedule will be posted at the office or your TEAM captains will have one.

The TEAM with the least amount of points will WASH the winning teams CARS and cook HOT DOGS and BEANS for them.
We also have individual prizes as well with 2 GRAND PRIZES being drawn for 4 nights and 3 days at our condo at
Each point is for 1 business card to be used for a drawing for each prize.

THE BLUE WALL!! Fenway park has there green monster, we have our BLUE monster!! :)
Come to our office. You will love it!! We want to thank our own CHRIS for the great job.

Next TUESDAY is our Coldwell Banker King Thompson Awards breakfast. (I use the term "breakfast" loosely) Starts at 8:30 at COSI in Columbus. As of this evening we have 10 agents signed up to attend. Karen came up with the idea for 2 points if you go!! She is too smart for her own good!! :) Before her idea we had 2 people signed up and I was one of them.