Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards 2009

Friday Morning, What a week. Numerous award winners, Announcement of CBKT mergers, this CRAZY contest, and last night the CBR Talent Show.

This past Tuesday Mar 10 many of us attended the award ceremony at COSI. I knew we had winners in our office, but I think we took them all by suprise.
Because of everyone of our agents, the Newark/Granville CBKT office was
NUMBER 4 in the Nation for closed sides with offices with 1-35 agents. Folks that right there is something that all of you can be very proud of.
We also won 2 very prestigous awards

The first award; The Community Service Award given to Herman England

The second: The Jerry White Award given to Patrick Guanciale

There were MANY more winners and I will post all those at a later date so don't think I forgot!! :)

Our "balloon" display was OK but not quite what I had in mind because of the drafts in the building. Sometimes our balloons were laying on our table!! Oh well, at least they know who we are and just think, you didn't have to dress up as Bowling Pins!!!! (I'll try that one again for another function)

Here is our display at the Awards meeting. The first one to tell Karen who the masked man is behind the placards gets 1 point for their team.
The Contest you ask?? Well earlier this week the " Blue Team" was way ahead. Then all of a sudden one of the Big Horses for the "White Team" got out of the gate and he is running like a
Kentucky Derby Winner!! WOW it is getting close.
Good luck to all.

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Patrick Guanciale said...

Do we get a point for reading this post?