Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love?? What is Labor Day, 2011

Labor Day would be Happier with Less Unemployment. -
My wife and I feel blessed every day we have a job to go to, but we also know that the job could end any day. We both work in the Housing industry, her in the construction side, myself in the Real Estate selling side.
With many people out of work...Unemployment checks coming to an end.. many with no health insurance.. What does, Labor Day mean to these folks?  Is it a day to rejoice with cookouts, family gatherings??. To some I am sure it is one more day that Corporate America will not get back with them on their job search.
Hopefully by this time next year.. we will have some normalcy in the work force. 
Below is a great article by Michael Shearer
Editor of the "The Advocate" about Labor Day... 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cymbals Look Like Gold

With the price of gold now over $1600,,, last night I polished my very old and very nice Zildjian cymbals. I have entered a drumset competition @ Sam Ash music here in Columbus Oh. We play tonight (7/20) and compete against 7 drummers for the store contest winner.

I consider myself a Professional so I want my equipment in top shape.. After I polished all my cymbals.. I stood back to admire my completed task... Wow,, look at the shine.. They look like "Plates of Gold"

These Cymbals have actually have made me lots of "gold" in the last 40+ years of playing music.
My set consists of these  Zildjian Cymbals
                                       22"   Med Ride
                                       18"   Med Thin Crash
                                       18"   Med Crash
                                       12"   Jazz Hi Hat

Tonight I hope they help me "Bring Home the Gold"

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Memorial Day..

It seems like every time I turn around, something of significance is happening, some good….some not so good.
The Floods of the Mississippi, Tornadoes everywhere, Rains in the Midwest, Higher gas Prices…what’s next??

When I look around at us and Licking County,,,
I feel we are really pretty fortunate..
Our market is not really that bad… we still have homes to sell… unlike some of the towns that have been
damaged with the storms etc.. We still have good qualified buyers,
We have a great bunch of agents and staff at this office, and we are selling homes..

I saw a piece on the news about Veterans coming back from Iraq. Both men came back from Lima Company. One is now
working with Pat Tiberi, helping Veterans coming back to Ohio.  The other gentleman ended up at the bars and now in prison.
Same war… same Company.. completely different endings…. We will never know why one man took one path and one took the other path.

All of our paths have brought us together here at Coldwell Banker King Thompson.  I for one am glad I made the decision I made..I hope you feel the same way..We are fortunate to have choices in America…We have choices to make everyday…whatever choice you make.. I hope it is the right choice..

This weekend. Salute the American Flag,,,, Hug your Spouse.. your kids…. your best friend… holy smokes… Hug everyone you see!! J
And please..remember our Armed Forces, present and past…



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now

You know.. I have thought about putting my house on the market... but I am not really ready to move.. I like a spot for my MGBGT, a place to play my drums that won't bother the neighbors. A couple of acres to walk with my wife and the dog... Other things say I should sell now.. What's your reasons TOO or NOT to sell this year... maybe this article from KCM will help..
5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now