Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cymbals Look Like Gold

With the price of gold now over $1600,,, last night I polished my very old and very nice Zildjian cymbals. I have entered a drumset competition @ Sam Ash music here in Columbus Oh. We play tonight (7/20) and compete against 7 drummers for the store contest winner.

I consider myself a Professional so I want my equipment in top shape.. After I polished all my cymbals.. I stood back to admire my completed task... Wow,, look at the shine.. They look like "Plates of Gold"

These Cymbals have actually have made me lots of "gold" in the last 40+ years of playing music.
My set consists of these  Zildjian Cymbals
                                       22"   Med Ride
                                       18"   Med Thin Crash
                                       18"   Med Crash
                                       12"   Jazz Hi Hat

Tonight I hope they help me "Bring Home the Gold"

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