Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor of Love?? What is Labor Day, 2011

Labor Day would be Happier with Less Unemployment. -
My wife and I feel blessed every day we have a job to go to, but we also know that the job could end any day. We both work in the Housing industry, her in the construction side, myself in the Real Estate selling side.
With many people out of work...Unemployment checks coming to an end.. many with no health insurance.. What does, Labor Day mean to these folks?  Is it a day to rejoice with cookouts, family gatherings??. To some I am sure it is one more day that Corporate America will not get back with them on their job search.
Hopefully by this time next year.. we will have some normalcy in the work force. 
Below is a great article by Michael Shearer
Editor of the "The Advocate" about Labor Day... 2011

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