Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Starts with A BANG!!

The first month of 2012 is done. 10:19pm.. The market is hot, the office is hot!! My very good friend Scott Walters joined our office. Jenny Cannon from the same office..another good agent and person joined as well.
The newer agents are getting the hang of this business. They are coming on stronger each day.
This is a great bunch of HARD WORKING agents.

For me???  This month has flown by. Very fortunate to being playing my drums with some very talented musicians. I played out twice this month, once with "OLD SCHOOL" the other with "THE MILL DAM JAM BAND"  sad to say the night at the PUB was the last. The PUB has gone into foreclosure and now up for Sherrifs auction.  After playing there for over a year, you start to look forward to seeing the regulars,the musicians who came to JAM, the bartenders, the manager.  These are people through out life travels that come in and then they are gone. Some time at a later date.. you wonder what ever happened to that guitar player, bartender.. customer...?? Will you ever see them again??
Hopefully our paths will meet one more time.

This is much the way of life of BANDS. You make magic on the Stage..have a few beers., then come back and do it again.. You hope you play again and again and again..but that rarely works out.
Life gets in the way?
We all have met some great people in our travels. I just hope we all can  meet again.