Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Won the LOTTERY...the DOG lottery

Happy Hour with my Boy..
Many friends say that Bucky won the LOTTERY, when he found us.. Debe (my wife) and I say, WE won the lottery when we rescued him from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue..

We had raised a wonderful liver and white Springer Spaniel  named BUCK. As all dogs do.. he was getting older and with failing health.. we eventually had to say Goodbye..

 I remember saying  "I will never go thru the anguish and hurt of putting another dog to sleep".
 That was it.. we are not getting another dog.. Years pass and now our Cat is getting old.. failing health.. You know the drilll. same ending.. same emotions!! :( Tried a rescue facility for another Cat.  Health problems from the beginning.. Medvet.. and now.. here we are again.  another life or death decision..I am thinking NEVER AGAIN for ANY kind of animal.  Debe thinks maybe we should try a DOG again....I am not so sure.
With an empty house to come home to..I walk in and on the kitchen table is a print out..A print out of a DOG!!!  This DOG had the same markings on his face as our Old Springer...(only difference.. Black and White)   This dogs Name was BUCKY!!!   oh no.. and the contact number was central Ohio..oh no again!!

Staring back at me was a picture of our new Bucky..I was not too sure at the time, till Debe says look at all the similarities... the Face, the Name and the location...Its a gift from GOD!! 

We bring him home..and our first visit to our Vet..."Nice dog but WHY did you get this one??" The medical sheet on Bucky was a mile long.. Our vet knew we would be visitng Many times.. Not sure, but I think he went out and bought a new truck the next day!! haha 
Ear infections monthly, skin issues always, you name it..we were at the Vet monthly. For the last 7 years, Bucky was with us always. We met more dog loving people having him by our side, more small kids wanting to pet him....To all of you, I want to say Thank You.. You made our day and Bucky's as well.

It has been a week now since he left our home. You never quite get over putting a dog to sleep.. having to make that decision..What you do, is remember the Wonderful times we had.  With BUCKY... those times were MANY.. Yes  WE WON the LOTTERY!!! the DOG RESCUE LOTTERY

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