Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lucky 13..???

Lucky 13....
Could you say "Lucky 12"??
When your pages were blank a year ago,  did you have any ideas what your book was going to read??

Right now.. 1-2-2013, we have just filled the first 2 pages of our book.

My book for 2012 was one of sheer joy and great heartache. 

The joy of seeing our agents succeeding beyond their expectations..
The joy of having new and experienced Real Estate agents join CBKT and be a part of our culture.  The joys of competing in the market place with talented and Ethical agents.. The joy they bring me everyday with the opportunity to help them and coach them.

Joys of helping Big Brother/Big Sister, United Way, the YES Club, our local Licking County Food Pantry with may donations from our office
The joy from helping our local Licking County Board of Realtors. Professionally my pages were very satisfying and fulfilling.

Personally.. the joys of everyday life are really worth getting out of bed for me.  My biggest joy is always Debe.. when we are together.. my book is complete.
The great joy of playing my music with 2 different bands. There is a magic that happens on stage when all the pieces come together.
The joy of buying and downsizing to a condo for the later years of our lives.

The sad chapters??? Not many.. June was especially tough as we had to put our dog ( Bucky) to sleep. That is something No One should have to go through, but for every pet lover, that day will come. 
We then decided to get another dog through a rescue. (Bo). With many known and some unknown issues with him, 2 months after we brought him home..Debe and I had to give him back to the owner. It feels as if we lost 2 pets.
2013.. may have a chapter for a new dog at our household??

The pages will be written, the chapters will be filled.
365 pages.....12 chapters..  we are now on page 2..

I hope your "book" turns out just the way you had it planned.

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