Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2008

Morning Everyone,

This week our new agents are doing their "Fast Start Training". So you will see them in and out office all week. All of them are going to Mondays class, and then the schedule changes from there, depending on experience.

Check out yesterdays Advocate for the new AD we have. Looks great!! Thanks to everyone involved.

This week

Tuesday 9:00 "Timbit Tuesdays" (sales meeting) We will have a special guest attending.
Wednesday 1:00 C-Bolt training,
Friday The last day of the month filled with closings!!!! :)

Next Tuesday Mar 3 "Timbit Tuesdays" I have invited Joe King out for our meeting. I will have the location and more details later this week.

Tuesday Mar 10 Awards Meeting
I still need ideas for a skit, song, etc. or were doing the bowling ball thing!! lol
(is that a threat) :) I am sure with all the marketing ideas you come up with.
I know one of you will have a better idea than mine!

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