Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Party is NOT over!!

This may seem a little late! Not really. Looking out the window this morning, all the leaves are off the trees, winter's around the corner. My thoughts drift back to the summer.
And of course I remember "THE PARTY".

But you know, 3 months ago we were not sure how long the Tax Credit would last.Not sure how the economy and the job market would fare. I can't say all that is doing much better, I do know that Coldwell Banker in Newark is doing very well. Closings have surpassed what we did all year for 2008. Average price is UP. I have new and experienced agents calling me for advice and maybe employment. Everyone is looking for answers, ideas!

Right now I can say that the Stimulus Plan will be extended and now for a larger audience than before.
Nope. The Parties not over, it's just getting started!!

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