Sunday, January 31, 2010


What do these 3 words mean to you?? Right now you see these words many times a day. Seems like everyone needs 1 of the three. Haiti is in the news, Foreclosures and Bankruptcies are headlines. States running out of money, Jobs leaving Ohio.

But with all the gloom mentioned above there is always just the opposite going on at a location near you.

The 3 pictures are of people coming together to help. To have the chance to maybe change a life, change a thought, change an idea, hopefully for the better.

The left picture is of myself and a young man. The 2 of us are helping serve Christmas Dinners at a local Elks Club in Newark. The young man could have stayed home to play with all the toys and games he received from Santa that morning. Instead he made my Christmas day letting me work beside him. That day with many volunteers we served over 500 meals.

This past weekend. I was a part of 2 different programs at 2 different churches.

Church of Christ at Alexandria, ( where I am a member) had our annual "Wild Game Feast". Folks from all walks of life can bring in their, Deer, Turkey, Fish, Birds and whatever they may have hunted.
Bring their mounts in to show and the best part is the wonderful feast of Wild Game and all the side dishes and desserts that accompanies a Church meal. When I had to leave we were seating over 150 attendees for "the feast". This is a community outreach project, this being our 5th year. The donations gathered went towards our mission affiliation in Haiti.

The "CABARET"!!! I left the feast early to get to the other "BENEFIT" this weekend.

The First Presbyterian Church of Granville had a 2 night Cabaret production. I was invited to be a part of this show when their regular drummer was already booked.

The show was a mixture of Broadway Tunes, Elvis, Dinner Club acts, and maybe some vaudeville thrown in too!

We had 2 sold out shows and I, had the opportunity to play with some very talented musicians and vocalists. A total of over 160+ came to see this well planned production. The money raised from this show is going to Haiti and to a very musically talented young man for an upgraded instrument.

The feeling of accomplishment, exhilaration, uphoria! You know you have done something good for somebody. Somebody that needs and appreciates what you have given them.

Whether you choose to "Pay Forward" or choose to pay "Catch Up". It is never to late to help with a CHARITY, BENEFIT, DONATION, I know someone will appreciate it!

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