Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Showers

Seems like it has been forever for me to say something on our Blog. Every time I think of an item to talk about I get distracted.
The last couple of weeks has been a few changes for Coldwell Banker King Thompson agents and staff alike.
New Agents Janene Hartman and Kelly Frey have come home to CBKT. We are all happy they're back. Welcome Home Ladies!!
Tuesday we rolled out the ProRealtours for all of our listings. This is a great marketing idea for our houses. Each house will have it's own website that can be accessed by your cell phone. When you enter the web address you will be sitting in front of the house and see a video tour of the home on you cell!! Is this cool??? I wish we had this when I was selling!! :)

The new CBKT Sunday morning TV show is being reformatted for more pictures and a more affordable price for all the agents.
Sean Carpenter came out to see us Tuesday afternoon and taught us the way to make a NICE "Electronic Listing Presentation" on your laptop. I have all the info if you could not attend.

We have also started Direct Deposit , for all the agents. Ask Karen or myself on how to get signed up for that.
This company and this office is always evolving. Never standing in one spot for too long. We are always looking forward to help you close more sales. Are you always evolving or you standing in place? If your in one spot, standing in place, come see me!! Maybe the 2 of us together can change that.

The Blue Team!! The WHITE Team!! Kickinit 2009
There is some competition going on!! This race is really, very close!! Everyone of you are doing a FABULOUS job. Keep up the fun!! Someone is getting their car washed soon!!

A friend sent me this. It's pretty touching!! Says a lot about the kind of person we all need to be. Especially in the market we are in.

Check it out

Tuesday is TIMBIT Tuesday 9:00 be there.

Thursday 4-16 AHS Warranty will be bringing Lunch and a short meeting. Sign up at the fronnt desk.

Remember to get with me for coaching sessions next week.

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