Saturday, April 25, 2009

KICKIN IT 2009 WOW!!!!

April Showers!! That was my last headline. Right now it's a sunny beautiful Saturday morning, the last weekend before the contest ENDS! I look out the window and the daffodils are blooming, our crab apple tress are covered with white blooms, and a male pheasant just walked past the front window in all his lovely plumage!! IT is OFFICIALLY spring!

As of the latest count, in our KICKIN IT 2009 contest! There were 2 points difference between the 2 teams! You folks have been AMAZING!! All of your hard work has put the Newark/Granville, Coldwell Banker King Thompson office on the map. I hear the higher ups talk about this contest quite frequently. This hard work will pay off down the road!!

That is what we have in our office. Tuesday we had a wonderful turnout at the Licking County Board of Realtors Awards banquet. We had 3 of our own agents get awards this year.

Our Rising Star LARRY FORTH received his 1 MILLION dollar award!!
Two of the HEAVY HITTERS of the office received the 10 MILLION dollar award!!
Our own HUGH PRICE and ANDREW GUANCIALE!! Congratulations to all of you!!!

Many of you attended the class that PATRICK GUANCIALE instructed on our new marketing piece PROREALTOUR!! Patrick, you made it look so easy and it is. Get in there and try it yourself. If you need any help let me know and we can work through it together. We had a great turnout and MR. HUGH PRICE MAKESADIFFERENCE!! Thank you for the pizza.
I want to see everyone registered and those sign riders everywhere!! :)

We have a couple of cool things coming up.
TIMBIT TUESDAY @ 9:00 We will do a TOUR so get your home set up. And I will have a NEW AGENT class after the tour.
May 15 is the FACEBOOK for BUSINESS CLASS. 3 hours of CE FREE!!!
Team Captains, you have 6 days left. This is really close. Good luck to both TEAMS!!

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